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Supertech buckets are designed using the latest CATIA CAD software along with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure the utmost performance and durability under the most demanding racing conditions. Utilizing these methods to analyze the stresses associated with the off centered application of loads enables us to maximize the strength of our buckets while reducing weight. Supertech ensures that each and every part is manufactured using only the highest quality materials, strict tolerances, and high quality coatings. The end result is an undeniable improvement in durability and performance that cannot be compared in any sense with less expensive, extruded or factory supplied lifters. So regardless of your racing applications… whether it is road racing, drag racing or endurance racing Supertech buckets are engineered to outperform the competition to a degree that can only be found in Formula 1.


  • Aerospace certified Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium alloy from Austria. This is a much stronger material than the alloys used in OEM extruded lifters.
  • Completely CNC machined from heat treated billet provides only the necessary and calculated thickness of the walls with very special shapes, providing better rigidity with an important reduction in weight.
  • The lifters are fully Nitrided and polished to harden the surface to about 60Rc for low wear. Higher cam lifts and rpms will submit conventional lifters to be susceptible to increased wear.
  • Surface is carefully finished by grinding it to a much lower surface roughness for lower friction with the cams and cylinder head bore, providing improved durability.
  • Overall improvement in durability



Cam Followers
Application Part Number Diameter Length Post Thickness Weight
Honda CRF-250 


22.5mm 16mm 3.0mm  11.2grs
Honda CRF-250  CF-22.5/3.0-DLC 22.5mm 16mm 3.0mm DLC coated  11.2grs
Honda CRF-250 oversized  CF-23/3.0 23mm 16mm 3.0mm  13 grs
Honda CRF-250 Oversized  CF-23/3.0-DLC 23mm 16mm 3.0mm DLC coated  13grs 
Honda CRF-250 (oversized) CF-24.5/3.0 24.5mm 16mm 3.0mm  15 grs
Honda CRF-250 Oversized  CF-24.5/3.0-DLC 24.5mm 16mm 3.0mm DLC coated  15grs 
Kawasaki 250 exhaust  CF-24/2.7 24mm 17mm 2.7mm  14.7grs
Kawasaki 250 Exhaust  CF-24/2.7-DLC 24mm 17mm 2.7mm DLC coated  15.7grs
  CF-25/3.0 25mm 16mm 3.0mm   
  CF-25/3.0-DLC 25mm 16mm 3.0mm DLC coated   
Kawasaki 250 Intake  CF-26.5/2.7 26.5mm 19mm 2.7mm  18grs
Kawasaki 250 intake  CF-26.5/2.7-DLC 26.5mm 19mm 2.7mm DLC coated  18 grs
Honda CRF 450  CF-26/3.0 26mm 18mm 3.0mm  16.5grs
Honda CRF 450




3.0mm DLC coated 


Audi 1.8T/2.7T 

Intake CF-24/15

Ex. CF-33.5/15.5









 Suzuki Hyabusa 


28mm 20mm 3.0mm  
Suzuki Hyabusa 



20mm 3.0mm DLC coated   
Toyota 4AGE 16v /5E-FE



23mm 3.65mm + Shim 1.35-3.50mm 26.3grs
Yamaha FZR1800 


30mm 23.5mm 3.30mm 25.5grs
Mazda Miata 


30mm 26mm 16mm for 5.5mm Lash cap  34.2grs
Nissan SkYLINE RB26 DET 6Cyl 24v CF-31/2.7 31mm 24.8mm 2.7mm  28.6grs
CF-31/3.25+ 31mm 25mm 3.25mm +Shim 1.35-3.50mm   29grs
Toyota 2JZ / 3SGTE / 1ZZ / Scion/ Tacomo 2RZ-3RZ /RB26  CF-31/3.28+ 31mm 25mm 3.28mm + Shim 1.35-3.50mm  31 grs
Toyota / Nissan  CF-31/3.78 31mm 25mm 3.78mm  30.9grs
  CF-31/4.20 31mm 25.5mm 4.20mm  
  CF-31/4.80+ 31mm 25.5mm 4.80mm +shim 1.35-3.50mm  
Polaris  CF-31.15/2.50 31.15mm 20.2mm 2.50mm   

Mitsubishi Evo X
CF-32/3.10 32mm 24.50mm 3.10mm  
CF-32/3.25 32mm 24.50mm 3.25mm  
CF-32/3.35 32mm 24.50mm 3.35mm  
CF-32/3.50 32mm 24.50mm 3.50mm  
CF-32/3.70 32mm 24.50mm 3.70mm  
CF-33/3.0 33mm 26mm 3.0mm 32grs
CF-33/5.10 33mm 24.5mm 5.10mm 33grs
BMW  CF-33/14 33mm 26mm 14mm  40.3grs
Nissan / Subaru H6 (1st Gen)  CF-34/2.5+ 34mm 26mm 2.5mm +Shim 1.35-3.50mm 32.4grs
Nissan K24A  CF-34/3.5+ 34mm 26mm 3.5mm + Shim 1.35-3.50mm  33.5grs
Nissan VQ35 6Cyl 24v CF-34/6.5+ 34mm 26mm 6.5mm + Shim 1.35-3.50mm  34grs
VW 16V  CF-35/14.7LC 35mm 26mm 14.7mm for 7mm lash cap  43.8grs
VW16v / FERRARI F136  CF-35/16.7LC 35mm 26mm 16.7mm for 7mm lash cap   45.3grs
Subaru Impreza WRX/STi CF-35/2.7+ 35mm 25mm 2.7mm + Shim 1.35-3.50mm  35.2grs
CF-35/3.7+ 35mm 25mm 3.7mm + Shim 1.35-3.50mm  38.2grs
BMW M12 / VW 16v golf  CF-37/3.3 37mm 26mm 3.30mm 40grs
CF-37/3.6 37mm 26mm 3.68mm 40.6grs
CF-37/3.9 37mm 26mm 3.9mm 40.9grs
BMW S14 / Maserati  CF-37.5/4.5 37.5mm 28mm 4.5mm 46grs
BMW S14 CF-37.5/3.1+ 37.5mm 28mm 3.1mm+shim To be used w/long valves  45.3grs
CF-37.5/3.1 37.5mm 28mm 3.1mm to be used with Lash Caps 45grs
CF-37.5/5.65+ 37.5mm 28mm 5.65mm+shim to be used with short valves  47.6grs


Lash Caps / Cam Follower Shims
Application Part Number Description weight
Valve Lash Caps

LC-55 /LC-60 /LC-65/ LC/70

5.5mm / 6mm / 6.5mm / 7.0mm Several thicknesses 1.2 - 1.6 grs
Cam Follower Shims CF-SHIM Diam 8mm / Thickness: 1.45mm to 3.20mm (0.05mm increments) 0.5-1.1 grs